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TRiCE Insurance uses puppy power to launch its ad campaign


TRiCE Insurance has launched its TV ad campaign for the on-demand insurance app that's built using RDT insurtech

TRiCE Insurance’s television ad campaign was allowed off the lead on Monday.

We’ve already revealed how TRiCE came to market, and we’re very excited that the advertising campaign kicked off this week. The advert is about a woman who’s downloaded the app and is keen to tell everyone how easy it was to insure her phone, her car and her ‘pet’. Watch it here on YouTube.

Trice Insurance's TV advert was launched this week

TRiCE provides a super-swift, user friendly journey. Customers can use it to buy all sorts of insurance, including annual motor, after answering only five or six questions. And, despite the very short question set, RDT’s powerful data enrichment and orchestration technology gives the underwriter more data to price with than ever before.

The Trice Insurance app is powered by RDT's insurance technology capabilities

For more information, visit the TRiCE Insurance website and see our case study.