Our Team

Mark Bates
CEO, Founder

Mark is passionate about technology and continually seeks new ways for insurers to process data and improve business performance.

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Philip Whitehead
Finance Director

Philip heads up finance, legal and corporate governance for RDT. He also brings an experienced perspective to directing IT departments, especially with significant change and infrastructure projects.

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Rob Grigg
Chief Technical Officer

Rob is experienced at directing IT departments, especially for significant change and infrastructure projects.

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Michael Boucher
Chief Operating Officer / Group Product Owner

As chief operating officer Michael leads company restructuring, aligning it with the insurance industry's shifting needs. As group product owner he is responsible for RDT’s product roadmap.

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Joe O’Connor
Sales & Marketing Director

Joe is experienced in the launching and evolution of new products and markets. His role includes promoting RDT’s flagship general insurance platform Landscape and increasing our customer bases.

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Holger Hasenstrauch
Technical Director, Founder

Holger is responsible for technical software design and architecture direction to deliver scalable and secure software that performs in a responsive manner.

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Andy Hardy
Applications Director, Founder

Andy is responsible for the functional design and development of RDT’s end-to-end general insurance software package, Landscape.

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