RDT is proud of its reputation for delivering on time and on budget. Our professional service team ensures that clients experience a seamless implementation of their solution, and that the users know how to get the best from it.
RDT provides a comprehensive range of project management, consulting and technical services that spans the lifecycle of a solution’s deployment. We are customer-driven and this is reflected in the way we approach every project. From installation and training through to full-scale project management and turnkey implementations, our approach ensures rapid, smooth transitions to our solutions in order to accelerate the return on your investment. Our project delivery method means that we have an established track record of delivering our solutions on time and on budget.
RDT products are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. This, combined with our training packages, means that your users will quickly become proficient and be taking full advantage of the rich functionality on offer. Tailored training programmes are available, as are ‘train the trainer’ courses for areas of functionality which will have a large number of users, such as Landscape’s policy administration and claims management modules.
RDT is committed to boosting your success and provides ready access to the highest quality support. Our expert, fully accredited support engineers are well versed in RDT’s products and supported Microsoft technologies. We have formal processes in place to measure and continually improve the experience we deliver to our clients. For example, every two years we undertake a reputation audit that enables our clients to rank us on a number of key performance indicators. Each time all our clients say they would recommend RDT. Our customer support portal is available to all RDT customers and provides access to a wealth of tools and technical information to help you get the best out of your RDT solution, including:
  • An extensive knowledge base of technical information
  • User access to all cases for your business
  • Ability to add comments and attachments to support cases
  • Download RDT software links