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RDT’s employees enjoy their staff summer social


RDT Ltd employees enjoy their staff summer social event

RDT’s staff were rewarded for all their hard work with a fun-filled day out in the sun at a local outdoor venue.

A host of activities were laid on including, clay pigeon shooting, quad bikes on an obstacle courses and Apache rally cars for those who wanted to go a bit faster. There were also more gentle activities including tractor rides, feeding farm animals and paddling in the lake.

A BBQ was provided and the evening ended with a “duck race” across the lake and a few games of tug of war.

Employee Spotlight – Lead QA Engineer Nicky Pooley


Lead QA Engineer Nicky Pooley is in our Employee Spotlight this month

Hi, I’m Nicky Pooley and I am a Lead QA Engineer at RDT.

I didn’t choose testing as a career – I fell into it at a previous company when there was an opportunity to test a new system and a manager there recognised some potential.  She realised that I had a knack for it, that it was something that I did well, and so she got me the training I needed to change my career.  I’ve never really looked back.

I came to RDT because I wanted more challenge than my previous role offered.  I stay because of what I gain by working here.  I am constantly learning new things, I have learnt more in the past three years than I had the previous ten!  The office is close to home so I have a great work-life balance which is important to me.  RDT make sure that salaries keep up with the market so all boxes are ticked.  (more…)

All about Agile – sprinting and the daily scrum


In our previous article on Agile meetings, we discussed sprint planning. Let’s look at what happens next.

Sprinting and the Daily Scrum

Once we’ve finished sprint planning and have a commitment, we are ready to start the sprint. This is a two-week time box in which the team creates a tranche of working, potentially deliverable software. (more…)

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