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Agile and the role of the Scrum Master



What is the role of a Scrum Master?

We have already talked about the role of the product owner, who plays an important part in the scrum team by defining what the team works on. The role of scrum master is just as important, as they facilitate production and delivery. The scrum master is often thought of as the team’s coach, encouraging and motivating team members to do the best work they can, at the same time ensuring that everybody works within the rules of Agile principles and practices.


Employee Spotlight – Ian Gull, DBA



We asked one of our excellent DBAs to talk about how his career led him to RDT, what his role here entails, and what makes him tick…

“Hello, my name is Ian Gull and I am a database administrator (DBA) at RDT. I joined RDT in 2007 and have seen the company grow from 24 members of staff to about 100. I’ve also seen significant changes to the way the company is structured and managed, including a major office move. At the time I joined, the role of a dedicated DBA was new here. But by late 2012 RDT had two of us, and we’re now part of a broader platform engineering team. (more…)

Increasing creativity through workplace experience



Want to Be More Creative? Lose the Tie

This article on workplace experience really resonated with us here at RDT, as the dress code at RDT’s office is ‘casual’. Many of the RDT family have previously worked for large insurance companies in London, where the dress code is ‘business suits’, so many are really surprised by RDT’s stance on what is acceptable to wear in the workplace.

It can take a while to get used to the dress code at RDT, but any new member of staff will soon come to realise that it does make a positive impact when they are able to dress in clothes they feel comfortable in.


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