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What the role of a Delivery Manager is at RDT


RDT employs agile delivery managers to deliver top quality insurance software

At RDT, we employ a software delivery method called agile to deliver top quality insurance software to our clients.

Our teams have a Delivery Manager whose role is described below.

The primary role of the Delivery Manager is to be accountable for the delivery of a team’s work.  They facilitate production and ensure the delivery of agile stories during the current sprint.  Clearly reporting, data and clarity on how the teams’ work is progressing for both the team and the business is critical. (more…)

All about Agile – the sprint review


In our last article on Agile meetings, we discussed the Sprint and Daily Scrums. Let’s take a look at what happens next.

Sprint Review

At the end of the two-week sprint the team have completed all the user stories and will have a tranche of potentially shippable code. (more…)

RDT’s staff go on a social lunchtime walk


RDT staff go on a social lunchtime walk

RDT’s staff took some time out from creating cutting-edge insurance software recently to spend their lunch breaks on a relaxing five kilometre stroll.

The idea for the walk came about after the success of the Sports Relief social walk. Head of Operations Gary Harrison devised a longer walk for staff who were willing to give up their lunch hour to head out and explore the local countryside a bit more.

The walk was well attended and everyone who took part enjoyed the exercise as well as the socialising!

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